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The laser hair removal procedure is virtually painless, with fantastic results, and is the world’s most effective IPL laser hair removal system, proven to remove up to 80 to 99% of unwanted hair in just 6 to 8 treatments.  


Free yourself from shaving and waxing forever! The luxury of silky, smooth skin now comes at an affordable price, so book an appointment for a free consultation with a fully qualified therapist for laser hair removal in Canberra. 


Treatments can be tailored to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the face and body, including underarms, face, legs, bikini, chest, back and stomach.









Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


How many treatments do I need and how often?

After the first few treatments, most patients get significant reduction in hair density. Treatment sessions are

recommended every 4-6 weeks. Approximately 6 to 8 sessions are required for optimal results.

Am I a suitable candidate for IPL laser hair removal?
Dark hairs are most easily treated due to the large concentration of pigment in these hairs, which gives an optimal absorption and conversion of light energy to heat.
Fair hair has less melanin and consequently less heat is produced with less certainty of permanent destruction of the hair follicles. Grey (white) hair has almost no melanin and cannot be effectively treated.
The ideal patient is fair skinned with dark hair but the IPL laser hair removal computer has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for all different hair and skin types.
What do I need to do before treatment?


It is important you ensure you have not been sun  burned, used fake or spray tan 4 to six weeks prior to your treatment.

The area must be fully shaved before arrival. Please have a copy of all medications your are taking to advise your therapist.

What does IPL laser hair removal feel like?
As the light energy is taken up by the skin pigments (melanin and hemoglobin) the follicle will heat, with any discomfort depending upon the combined concentration of melanin in the skin and the hairs.
No anesthesia is required. Most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable, and liken it to a rubber band being fired against the skin.
What are the side effects of laser hair removal?
The visible light is completely safe. Some patients skin may becomes slightly irritated immediately after treatment. However, most patients experience no side effects and the described skin reactions usually disappear within hours to a few days. Very rarely hyper pigmentation, or blistering may occur.



Affordable, Safe & Effective Laser Hair Removal – Canberra

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The IPL Laser Hair Removal System


The treatment is applied by placing a hand held unit on your skin. This generates intense pulse light into the skin.


This involves disabling hair growth by raising the temperature of the hair follicle cells without damaging the surrounding skin.


Male And Female Laser Hair Removal.


Male and female laser hair removal is becoming increasingly more and more popular every day. 


Laser hair removal is a great solution for men also, at Elite Purity, many of our clients are men seeking laser hair removal as a safe solution that is permanent and avoids the repetition and pain of other methods including frequent shaving, regular waxing and hair removal creams. 


We will offer you a detailed free consultation normally valued at $50  and explain to you exactly how laser hair removal works and with pre and post care instructions.


You will generally require six to eight treatments to completely remove all the hair on a six to eight to week cycle.


We will always endeavor to accommodate our clients anyway we can. If you have any questions in regards to laser hair removal, please don't hesatate to contact us.

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